In Residency at the Dora Maar House

Located in Menerbes, South of France 

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Until the end of July in Residency in the Dora Maar House, (Brown Foundation Fellows Program).


Exhibit project "Dominion" in Exhibit "Animism"

Project "Dominion" on view at Studio Walsh on St. Croix USVI

June 15 to 23

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Art Exhibition on St. Croix Explores Animals and the Colonial Imagination | St. John Source

Cows, mongooses, deer, donkeys and horses are just some of the animals brought to the Virgin Islands through the process of colonization. "How and why were they brought here?" wonders St. John-based artist Janet Cook-Rutnik. "What do they mean in our society today, and how are they intrinsically bound to anxieties about race and migration?"

Project commissioned by the Goethe Institute DC



Curated by John Feffer

On May 5th, Marx’s 200th birthday, the one-time-only multimedia experience, Dictionary of Marx, gives you the chance to reencounter the work of the German economic philosopher Karl Marx. A dozen of Washington, DC’s most engaging presenter-performers will come together at the Capital Fringe Theatre responding to key words from the Marxist lexicon in a series of artistic interpretations.

Revolution/ A collaborative effort


  • Edgar Endress
  • Henry Mills
  • Silvana Straw


  • Henry Mills

Video production


  • Hatum Cesar Saenz Painemilla


  • Layla Alshaer
  • Jennifer Crewalk

Panel Moderator / Challenging Colonialism in Contemporary Art

Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington DC

 Wednesday, March 21st

PANEL OVERVIEW: Transformer continues our ongoing FRAMEWORK Panel Series with FRAMEWORK Panel #27: Challenging Colonialism in Contemporary Art. This panel will highlight emerging artists challenging commonly held notions of how their identities have been defined through colonialism, history, and popular culture. 

This panel is presented in conjunction with Transformer’s Spring exhibition, Queer Tropics - a group exhibition that considers the abstract idea of the tropics and how that vision has been variously created, reinforced, and confronted. Originally opened in November 2017 at Pelican Bomb Gallery X in New Orleans, Queer Tropics features artworks that examine the visual and cultural systems through which one imagines the landscape of the tropics as a site of leisure, sensuality, and play.


 Carlos MottaAdrienne TarverDulcina Abreu, Hoesy Corona


Participating in Transcultural Exchange / Quebec CA

Making Public Art Now
Location: Morrin Centre’s College Hall, Quebec Canada
Moderator: Sarah Tanguy, Curator for the Art in Embassies, U.S. Department of States, Independent Curator and Arts Writer
Tom Ashcraft, Artist and Founding Member of the Workingman Collective
Tara Lapointe, Director of Outreach and Business Development, Canada Council for the Arts
Ashley Molese, Curator, Creative Producer and Festival Manager
Edgar Endress, artist George Mason University


Celestial Emporium


Celestial Emporium, on view from January 16 — February 17, 2018.


Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art hours are: 
James Madison University

Harrisonburg, VA USA

Celestial Emporium includes the collaborative projects with:
Pepe Coronado, Adler Pierre, Calicien Banel, Office of Human Rights Haiti, Marcos Moreno, Narda Zapata, Chris Rackley and Brooke Marcy.


project / series nº1: the Institution of Oblivion at Molaa/Getty Pacific Standar Time program

A collaboration between Adler Pierre, Calicien Banel, Office of Human Rights Haiti and Edgar Endress with incarcerated Haitians.

Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago, curated by Tatiana Flores, is MOLAA’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA exhibition

September 16, 2017 - February 25, 2018


Museum Of Latino American Art (MOLAA)

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA

Read an overview of the exhibition by Julia P. Herzberg in Arte Al Dia:

And additional articles:


Project The Mask of Shoeshiner and Hotel Las Americas in exhibit Duty of Care

CAI / The Collective Arts Incubator

The Collective Arts Incubator is present Duty of Care, a group exhibition in various media by an international trio of artists; Max King Cap (USA), Edgar Endress (Chile), and Nuttaphol Ma (Thailand). Examining our social and political obligations to our fellow citizens—and the manifold ways in which we shirk this duty—the artists in Duty of Care document, enact, and embody our responsibilities and failings.

Organized by Jennifer Vanderpool and Ciara Ennis

 The Mask of Shoeshiner documents /  link project    

The Mask of Shoeshiner documents / link project


 Hotel Las Americas / mapping violence (beta map in collaboration with Victoria Sacco) /  project link

Hotel Las Americas / mapping violence (beta map in collaboration with Victoria Sacco) / project link

project Santos at Peale Museum

Birdland and the Anthropocene Exhibition curated by Lynne Parks

October 6-29, 2017


In this group show at The Peale and related programs in Baltimore’s schools and communities, curator and Baker Prize-winning artist, Lynne Parks, invites us to consider how our city’s architecture and the built environment impact the natural ecosystems in the Anthropocene, the new geological era in which human activity has dramatically altered the Earth through climate change and other influences.


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Review / The Darkroom, the photography and video blog of The Baltimore Sun.

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