Personal Projects:

Article (Portfolio) in Continente Magazine by Victória Ayres / Recife-Brazil ( Excerpt link)

Springerin Magazine / Exploring-the-World-from-the-Periphery by Dietrich Heissenbüttel /// link

Book / The-Racial-Imaginary by by Claudia RankineBeth LoffredaCap Max King  /// link

The Politics of Cultural Programming in Public Spaces
by Vicki Watts (Editor), Robert W. Gehl (Editor) /// link

Video in Latin America. A critical history Edited by Laura Baigorri (Madrid: Brumaria, 2008) /// link

Art Pulse Magazine Dec 2009 – Feb 2010 / Dense local by Lourdes Portillo /// link

Book / Apremio: apuntes sobre el pensamiento y la creación contemporánea desde el Caribe. by ‪Alanna Lockward


Collective Projects

Article in Lak Magazine (Korea) / Wandering Eyes, Curator's View: Mobile Architecture as Social Practice _ Sim So Mi /// link

Book / Global Activism / Art and Conflict in the 21st Century / Edited by Peter Weibel /// link

Book-catalog / Theater-of-peace /// link

Magazine / Roulotte nº 09 /// link