project / series nº1: the Institution of Oblivion at Molaa/Getty Pacific Standar Time program

A collaboration between Adler Pierre, Calicien Banel, Office of Human Rights Haiti and Edgar Endress with incarcerated Haitians.

Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago, curated by Tatiana Flores, is MOLAA’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA exhibition

September 16, 2017 - February 25, 2018


Museum Of Latino American Art (MOLAA)

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA

Read an overview of the exhibition by Julia P. Herzberg in Arte Al Dia:

And additional articles:


Project The Mask of Shoeshiner and Hotel Las Americas in exhibit Duty of Care

CAI / The Collective Arts Incubator

The Collective Arts Incubator is present Duty of Care, a group exhibition in various media by an international trio of artists; Max King Cap (USA), Edgar Endress (Chile), and Nuttaphol Ma (Thailand). Examining our social and political obligations to our fellow citizens—and the manifold ways in which we shirk this duty—the artists in Duty of Care document, enact, and embody our responsibilities and failings.

Organized by Jennifer Vanderpool and Ciara Ennis

The Mask of Shoeshiner documents /  link project    

The Mask of Shoeshiner documents / link project


Hotel Las Americas / mapping violence (beta map in collaboration with Victoria Sacco) /  project link

Hotel Las Americas / mapping violence (beta map in collaboration with Victoria Sacco) / project link

project Santos at Peale Museum

Birdland and the Anthropocene Exhibition curated by Lynne Parks

October 6-29, 2017


In this group show at The Peale and related programs in Baltimore’s schools and communities, curator and Baker Prize-winning artist, Lynne Parks, invites us to consider how our city’s architecture and the built environment impact the natural ecosystems in the Anthropocene, the new geological era in which human activity has dramatically altered the Earth through climate change and other influences.


Peale Museum link

Review /

Review / The Darkroom, the photography and video blog of The Baltimore Sun.

Download catalog / link


Video " How to Make it Rain", curated by Jorge La Ferla

FUSO 2017
22 a 27 AGOSTO de 2017

Programa Jorge La Ferla
. Diego Lama (Peru) | The Act, 2012, 3´36´´
. María Paz Encina (Paraguai) | Familiar, 2014. 9´
. Gerardo Suter (Argentina/México) | Caja Negra, 2017, 8´30´´
. Edgar Endress (Chile) | Como hacer llover, 10´
. Claudia Aravena Abughosh (Chile) | Once de septiembre, 2002, 5´30´´
. Florencia Levy (Argentina) | Paisaje para una persona, 2014, 8´16´´
. Alfredo Salomón (México) | Tensa Calma, 2008, 8´31´´
. Andrés Denegri (Argentina) | Uyuni, 2008, 8´18´´

Project Santos at Rivermont Studio, Lynchburg VA

A multidisciplinary project that address issues of representation: colonialism, post-colonialism, race and power. "Santos" subvert found debris that were originally manufactured to frame an idea of the "other", using an interpretation of the "mestizo Baroque" as reference of re claiming narrative. 

Feb 4 to March 12

"Ejercicios de Memoria", In Casa de América, Madrid Spain

Video "The Memory of the Snails" part of the program.

Video still of "The Memory of the Snails"

La Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero llevará este mes a la ciudad de Madrid la muestra"Ejercicios de Memoria", con piezas de artistas argentinos y chilenos que reflexionan sobre el golpe militar en la Argentina, en Casa de América.

News paper: Nueva Ciudad


Collaborative Book // The History of Black Rice and Princess Pig

Edgar Endress /Lori Lee/ Chris Rackley (drawings)

At the Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany

Opening: Sunday, 11 December, 5pm

Exhibition // Editions 2016/2017

Henri Chopin, Danica Dakić, Edgar Endress/Lori Lee/Chris Rackley, Noa Eshkol, Nilbar Güreş, Rana Hamadeh, Dóra Maurer, Hansjörg Mayer, Falke Pisano, Hannah Weinberger

The editions will be presented from 13 December 2016 until 8 January 2017 at the Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe. The editions are available for purchase to members of the Badischer Kunstverein.

Page from book

Page from book

Participation in LAM / Land Art Mongolia Biennial

Between the Sky and the Earth

Dates: 22 August – 20 September 2016

LAM 360° is a biennial art festival located in Mongolia. LAM focuses on Land Art as a form of spatial visualization of the relations between nature, culture and social policies.


N. Amarsaikhan (Mongolia), D. Batkholboo (Mongolia), R. Chinzorig (Mongolia), T. Enkhbold (Mongolia), G. Enkhjargal (Mongolia), Lkh. Gankhuyag (Mongolia), M. Munguntsetseg (Mongolia), B. Munhksetseg (Mongolia), Lisa Batacchi (Italy), Edgar Endress (Chile/USA), Zhen + Qiang Gao (China), Severin Guelpa (Switzerland), Erica Masuya (Japan), Pekka Niityvirta (Finland), Camille Norment (Norway/USA), Romina Novellis (Italy), Benjamin Sabatier (France), Marc Schmitz (Germany), Jacek Tylicki (Poland/USA), Herman de Vries (Netherlands/Germany), Mabelle Williams (Haiti).

Art Radar Journal / link

Speaking at the Arts & Culture for Inclusive Cities Latin America – Europe 22 June ’16 —

BOZAR / CENTRE FOR FINE ARTS / Brussels, Belgium


Cities in both Latin America and in Europe have become major global actors and strategic territories where tremendous social, political, economic, environmental and cultural changes are currently taking place. Both the EU and Latin America witness a myriad of public and private examples to regenerate public spaces and local communities. In that framework, culture and creativity can offer new perspectives and alternatives to challenges raised by social exclusion and urban development. This debate will discuss how the EU and Latin America can jointly address these issues to forge more inclusive and resilient cities.

The open debate follows a one-day experts’ seminar at BOZAR organized, jointly with Interarts, in the framework of the EU project ‘Culture and arts supporting social cohesion in Latin American cities - LAIC’ funded by the European Commission.


  • Introduction by Paul Dujardin, BOZAR CEO, and Stefano Manservisi (TBC), Director General, DG DEVCO
  • Carlos Uribe : Architect, cultural operator and historian, Colombia
  • Edgar Endress : Artist, Chile/USA
  • Myriam Stoffen : Director of Zinneke, Belgium
  • Matteo Ferroni : Architect, Italy

Moderator: Mercedes Giovinazzo, Interarts


Exhibit Strange Landscapes

Arlington Arts Center

Strange Landscapes is co-curated by Blair Murphy, independent curator and partner at Field Projects in New York, and Karyn Miller.

Opening: June 25 - October 2


Hyperallergic review by Alexis Clements / link

City Paper review by Erin Devine / link

The Creator Project blog / review

Washington Post Review / link

I will have the video: "How to Make it Rain" and the series of Prints "Santos" as part of the exhibit.

Still from Video "How to Make it Rain" b&w 9 min,  2016   

Still from Video "How to Make it Rain" b&w 9 min,  2016


"Santos" as Altar Piece, Prints Dimension Variable, color 2016

"Santos" as Altar Piece, Prints Dimension Variable, color 2016

Photos by: Dawn Whitmore


Co-organizer Creative Community Summit



APRIL  7  2016

This event, hosted by Second Stage Amherst, is to discuss opportunities and tools available to cultivate Amherst’s economy based on the region’s natural, creative, cultural and human assets, driving economic opportunities in our community.


Installation " Jouet Guidant le Peuple"

 Olly Olly Gallery,  Fairfax VA.

Exhibit "Domestic Territories"

Curator: Sarah Irvine.

Northern Virginia Magazine article / link


For Jouet Guidant le Peuple, I used children’s toys as a form of demarcation in the gallery because this is how my son, Ian, defines his personal space in his room. For him, toys become a source of emancipation and a passage into a new persona that leads to independence, growth and new knowledge. In the context of the gallery, I am used the toys to claim space, but they are on the ceiling. This rethinks the concept of creating territory for an individual, and transforms the conversation into a discussion about mass consumption, the plastic material of the toys and consumerism.